ABOUT Dyed Jems Yarn Company

Dyed JEMS Yarn was founded in 2007 by Fairfield locals Emmy Coplea and Johanna Marsan. The two met and instantly bonded at the At Home Store in Fairfield, IA in 2005. They are both obsessive sock knitters, and this shared passion has led them to create a wide array of patterns, and a line of hand dyed sock yarn. The two share coffee every morning and discuss plans for new patterns to both challenge and excite.

Johanna is married and has a full time job in software engineering, and insists that she is the luckiest woman alive with Superman for her husband and a hobby that brings her so much joy.

Emmy is married with three daughters, one 8, and 3 year old twins. When her husband, oldest daughter, twins, and the cats are all climbing all over her she says the only way she can stay sane is to knit.

Both manage to squeeze in lots of knitting time, and enjoy spreading their wealth of knowledge by regularly teaching knitting clinics and classes at the At Home Store.

Along with the free patterns on this site an assortment of Patterns can also be found on Ravelry under Jems Knitterīs Studio. Enjoy!

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